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Our Products

Quality products begin and end with the details. Our products embody over a decade of research in various applications of art specification and wide format print methods. Our ability to execute the details is what separates us from the pack. 

After years of refining, sourcing and crafting our products we are proud to offer them to you. Our passion for artwork and printing is more than our product guarantee, it's also our commitment to a great customer experience.

Our Facility

We're located in sunny San Diego, CA. This is where we design, curate and produce all of our products. If you're in the area we welcome you to stop by and check out our product showroom. 

Our Story 

Inspired by moving art beyond traditional print methods - and using our knowledge in fine-art and wide-format printing - Derek and Becky Masar created the IVA storefrontEach of our six distinctive products boasts it's own aesthetic and is hand crafted in our San Diego, CA facility. Our experience in the trade, technical expertise and sophisticated production equipment shape our identity.

Derek founded IVA (Impact Visual Arts) in 2006, growing the business from a small storage room into our current facility lined with state-of-the-art equipment and a fine tuned production team. Today IVA works with industry leading artists, interior design and architecture firms to design, produce and install turn key art and graphics packages. Becky's experience begins with her BFA from the University of Texas. Her experience spans from graphic design, art specification and both residential and commercial interior design. She's the art director at IVA and the driving force behind our identity. 

We're tight knit team with loads of experience and a passion for art.